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When it comes to internet access and usage, The United States is ranked the top 3rd country in the world based on number of users. The internet is a tool that has become a part of daily life for adults and children alike. The access to technology is growing at a high rate. For example, schools across the nation experienced increased pressure to have 1:1 ratio of students to technology in their buildings, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However helpful access to technology is, there are inherent risks.


  1. Cyberbullying
    1. a.       Cyberbullying can be any threats, slander, or harassment of an individual through electronic means.
  2. Online predators
    1. Adults or other juveniles who use technology to exploit children for abusive and/or sexual purposes.
  3. Exposure to inappropriate content
    1. Inappropriate content is one of the most common online threats that kids encounter. Everything from harsh language, violent imagery, or pornographic material. All of these can have a negative effect on a child.


  1. Understand the risks.
  2. Prepare your technology.
  3. Discuss safety.
  4. Monitor their use.

More information on internet safety can be found by clicking the blue text below:


  • information on how to protect your kids as they navigate the internet

Connect Safely

  • parent guides to all forms of social media

GCF Global

  • how to teach your child internet safety

In closing, we hope that you are able to use the tools provided to help your family stay safe. Feel free to reach out to The Dolphin House for more information on internet safety.


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